15 People Who Win At Life On Tinder

How about a date?

Tinder is a place that can be full of surprises. Some people make you cringe hard, some disappoint you forever, some others win at the dating game faster than you can sneeze.

This gallery showcases the latter category. Have fun!

1. Cory knows how to charm a lady


If you can make them laugh right off the bat then you're half-way there.

2. Truth or dare


Apparently, this has 74% success rate but this is just a random image from the internet so I'm not sure it classifies as a fact.

3. I bet he's still surprised that this worked


This is so gross and funny at the same time that I just wouldn't know what to do with this.

4. Be careful what you're stepping into


That's the moment when your random trivia knowledge can really pay off.

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