15 People Who Will Challenge Your Faith In Humanity

How have we managed to survive this long?

Sometimes just sticking your head out the door is enough to make you want to run back inside and never go out again. For all the innovations that humanity has come up with, that doesn't mean we're all shining pillars of class and innovation.

1. Prom photos you can hang on your wall


As long as your wall is in one of those garages or barber shops that hangs nudie calendars up.

2. I think we call that a false equivalency


Oh sure, and I bet my ability to transform into a snake at will looks evil to you too, Pastor Mills.

3. The kind of brand loyalty you can do without


Say what you will, this guy clearly has a vision for what he wants his life to be like, and he's living it to the fullest.

4. Looks like the strip club got themselves an HR department


I wonder if all the regulars driving by were like "Oh no! They got rid of Brandi!"

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