15 People Who Understand The Real Way To Cosplay

These costumes are definitely not off the rack.

Without getting too snobby (not that that's ever stopped me before), there's a big difference between buying a costume and doing cosplay. The people in this article put everything out there to walk around in embarrassing, impractical costumes all for the sake of being the best at what they do.

1. The most frustrating costume of all


That's a rough one. Although, as a Canadian, the even more frustrating one would be a "Sorry, the uploader has not made this video available in your country" costume. You bring that garbage to Anime North and they'd throw you out of the building.

2. Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


When you suit up in a costume that makes you fear doorways, you know you've made a commitment. Bravo. It looks like Alpha 5 is on vacation for this one but I don't think anyone's complaining.

3. The gamer guy from South Park


In what may be the most famous South Park episode ever, "Make Love, Not Warcraft" the boys found themselves playing World of Warcraft online against a perfect depiction of a stereotypical nerd. This guy brought that character to life just as well, even if he does look pretty much exactly like Kevin from The Office.

4. This guy who's dressed as a first-year college student's wardrobe


You don't have to actually know anything about Communism when you first discover it. You just have to totally understand that it would totally work, man, we just got rid of the... yeah, shut up and read a book. Then talk.

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