15 People Who Look Just Like Video Game Characters

Wait, haven't I seen you before?

As video games get more photorealistic, we're starting to see more and more familiar faces crop up in games. Now, we're not talking about people who did motion-capture and ended up in games, we're talking about people who, whether by accident or inspiration, look like the final product of games.

1. Ellen Page looks like Ellie from The Last of Us

Ellen and Ellie

The similarity was close enough that developer Naughty Dog tweaked Ellie's look to downplay the resemblance but people still took notice.

2. Stephen Colbert looks like the Medic from Team Fortress 2

CBS / Valve Corporation

Except Colbert would have an eagle on his shoulder, instead of a dove.

3. Jerome Flynn (Bronn from Game of Thrones) looks like Robert from The Last of Us

HBO / Sony Computer Entertainment

Not that you'd be all that surprised to see Bronn survive a sci-fi apocalypse.

4. Sam Elliott looks like Landon Ricketts from Red Dead Redemption

WCBSFM / Rock Star Games

There's nothing wrong with using Sam Elliott's iconic mustache and long, silver hair if you're going to make a cowboy character.

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via This Wallpaper / Ignition Entertainment

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