15 People Who Have Got Life All Figured Out

It (clearly) doesn't take a genius to find what makes you happy.

We're pretty much all looking for the same things in life. Some people, though, have figured out that the best way to reach your goals is to aim low and be satisfied.

1. This guy who's patiently waiting for an opportunity to sue


That seems way too risky to me but apparently as of the picture he'd been there for 4 hours.

2. The best way to get people's attention on Tinder


The trick is to have your main image be a selfie of you and your sister... and your mom.

3. And who says romance is dead?


Just to be clear is that one upper-case R, two lower-case ones, or one lower-case bubble letter R?

4. That'll look great on my wall


Because when life gives you lemons, you make a drug catapult.

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