15 People Who Got Slapped In The Face By Reality

That hurt.

One of the realities of being online is that is you say or do something ridiculous, someone's going to come along and point it out. Or, if they don't, they're at least going to take a picture of it and share it online.

1. I'm sure it looked cool at the time


Imagine the feeling of triumph and failure that must have come with that whole series of events.

2. That's a bummer


This picture reminds me of the cover story from this one we did a few days ago.

15 Times Snapchat Went Oh So Wrong

10 seconds was too long for these stories.

3. When you're not quite sure what you're stealing

NBC 4i

The company was able to notify the police and enable the trackers, leading to an arrest in 5 or 6 hours.

4. When you submit before editing


I'm not sure whether this was the News app or Time that screwed up. It doesn't matter, it's still delicious.

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