15+ People With Serious Photobombing Skills

There's nothing quite like a good photobomb.

This is what happens when you're bored of regular old photos. Sometimes these things are planned, sometimes they're not. In many cases, they actually make the photo more memorable. Take number 16 for example, so much better when someone bombed her photo.

1. How to steal their thunder


The newlyweds were posing for a cute photo, so she decided to take the biggest fork full of salad and eat it obnoxiously.

2. This ruined proposal


He had the perfect setup to ask her to marry him. So perfect that someone thought it would be funny to moon the couple in the background.

3. Her face


She just wanted a nice picture with the water in the background. Too bad her sister did her funny face to mess it up for her.

4. The copycat pose


This guy absolutely hates it when girls pose on the beach. So he took this opportunity to copy her pose and make it that much better.

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