15 Images That'll Make You Wanna Get Off The Internet

Go get a life. Or something.

Considering you're probably on your phone right now, I imagine that you're a fan of the Internet. I'm going to try to change your mind and get you to go for a walk or something.

1. Taking the bathroom selfie to the next level


This is a "watch my face as I squeeze out a dookie at a steakhouse" selfie.

2. This rap album is headed to the top of the charts

Instagram via reddit

It's amazing what you can accomplish with MS Paint and 6 minutes of free time.

3. You'll never see Nicki Minaj the same way again


Or, maybe you'll see her the same way you always have.

4. Who is this picture for?


The state of that room... and what's going on with the door!?

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