15 Funny Coincidences Too Good To Be True

Sometimes the stars just align.

Sometimes things are just at the right place at the right time.

1. Lick it up. Lick it up.


It's immediately recognizable as ice cream but I don't think I've ever had three flavors stacked in a pyramid before.

2. And all standing together, too


To be fair, that kid looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ron Weasley.

3. That's one way to boost enrollment


I'm imagining a lot of disappointed freshman on orientation day.

4. Stay informed. Stay fashionable.


I'm really curious about what it was like when the second one moved in.

5. Both good campaigns. Even better together


No one wants to be defeated.

6. Unfortunate headline pairing raises questions


Both worrying. Even worse in conjunction.

7. Dick's is a neverending supply of comedy


I have to imagine that employees get a week-long probationary period where they're still allowed to make jokes then it's done.

8. What would the question possibly have been?


I imagine the people surveyed worked together to make this happen.

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