15 Foods From China You Should Think Twice Before Eating

A few more reasons to buy local.

As the world gets smaller and smaller, we get more food than ever from different countries. That means a lot of trust being left in the hands of international bodies and foreign food standard organizations. If these scandals are any indication, those standards need to be tightened up quick.

1. Tilapia


A report from Bloomberg Business discovered in 2007 that a tilapia was feeding its fish pig and goose feces to lower its operating costs. Some fishing spots have been downgraded to toxic waste dumps become of the squalid conditions. (The Epoch Times)

2. Cod


Cod, on the other hand, has issues with mislabelling. Because of a rise in popularity of cod as a health food, some business have been caught passing off pollock as "authentic cod," denying the consumer actual access to the alleged health benefits, gouging them in the process. (Seafood Source)

3. Baby formula

Pregnancy & Baby

Chinese baby formula has been in the public consciousness since 2008 when adulterated formula led to the deaths of 6 children and the hospitalization of 54,000.

Despite the public eye on the industry, a group purchased various milk products in defective packaging in order to repackage them as well-respected brands. Even more troubling is that the Chinese equivalent of the FDA originally insisted that this company's products were safe, a statement they later retracted. (South China Morning Post)

4. Pepper

Organic Facts

A vendor was caught in China selling "pepper" that was actually made from flour and mud. He justified the action, saying that his imitation pepper wasn't hurting anybody. (Investor Spot)

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