15 Candidates For Parent Of The Year

Don't worry, your mom is on the list.

There's no question that parenting is a tough gig and most of the time when people criticize, they've never been down there in the trenches with the little, drooling monsters. But even then, people manage to stand out for their unique approach to bringing people into the world. And with this list, we're talking unique in the Game of Thrones parenting category.

1. This mom knows how to get herself fed


Hey, it's better than having the formula go to waste.

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2. Posted at the waiting room for an ultrasound


How often does this have to happen for you to feel the need to post a specific sign about it?

3. Isn't this fraud?


Or misappropriation? Or something? That's a lot of shade she's throwing at the dude for calling her out either way.

4. Who is this picture for, exactly?


Is she trying to say that you get alllll this but you have to take care of allll that too? Also, why don't her shoes match?

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