15 Awesome Things That Need To Make A Comeback ASAP


We all have our favorite things that we totally want back. We miss them from childhood or we've seen them in the movies... It doesn't matter. The point being that some things in the past used to be totally awesome and we need to bring them back as soon as possible simply because I said so! Here is the list of our top favorites. If we missed something, just let us know on Facebook or in the comments. And share this list with your fellow sentimental compadres!

1. Shoulder pads


Seriously, the bigger the better. I'm not even kidding. The silhouette from the photo above is just stunning and I don't care what anyone else is thinking. I'm already buying all the 80s stuff at the thrift stores because I know this is gonna come back and I shall be prepared.

2. Milkman and fresh milk in bottles


This is still a thing in some parts of the world and it still should be. Mostly, because I'm sick of all the plastic packages and giving money to large corporations. Support local! Bring back the milkman!

3. Electric Circus


So this might be more of a strictly Canadian thing, but I'm being told that this dance/music show was totally awesome. I believe it. I mean, just look at them! Aren't they fab?

4. 80s hair


Do you still have troubles saying which decade I love the most? Yup, it's the 80s. I love some other ones too, but there are just so many cool things that came out of the 80s that I can't get past that. Let's just say that every party night is the 80s hair night for me and I wish that I could get a perm but my hair is too bleached. Sad face.

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