14 Times People Hilariously Snapped After Sex Selfies

So much for an anonymous hook-up.

The days of anonymous hook-ups are pretty much gone. Now, in the blink of an eye, your sexcapades will be on display for your hook-up's friends before you know it. On the one hand, this might change peoples' behaviors and make them a bit more selective but more likely than not, they'll just be giving less of a damn.

1. Y'know, he might not find out if you don't tell the whole world

via Elite Daily

I don't think any image has better captured the word "whoops."

2. No one's happy about this situation

via Piximus

I do want to know where she got that wallpaper though.

3. Buddy looking way too proud of himself

via Repostuj

She, on the other hand, cannot wait for him to leave. Nothing says "please go" like ignoring the guy, wrapped under a blanket, staring at your phone.

4. A play-by-play on his body sounds

via Puls24

She sounds like she's in a cave and is hearing some hidden beast from further inside.

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