14 People Who Are Getting Reaaaaal Sick Of Your Sh*t

You get to a point where enough is enough.

Everyone's got their breaking point. For these people, it happened publicly so we get to enjoy every bit of it.

1. Tim better have my money


When your debt to the liquor store makes it worth spending their marketing money on you, you know you've done somebody wrong.

2. This guy who's tired of your rhetoric


Joey was apparently very impressed with the creativity that went into The Matrix. He's less impressed with lazy sports commentary.

3. This picture, titled "Sick of carrying the team"


At the very least, he's grumpy about something and wants everyone to know about it.

4. This pet store that speaks the language of Memes


And what if I told YOU, sign, that it's a lot harder to SEE the animals when you've got a passive aggressive meme posted to the cage.

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