14 Images To Help You Sail Smoothly Into The Weekend

Brace yourself, the weekend is coming!

Here is a fairly sizeable pic dump for your Friday viewing pleasure. I love that cat in number fifteen so much! He's the cutest.

1. When you need a reason not to mess with the code


The fact that everyone loves pugs means nothing! Natural selection would kill them off if they were left to their own design unless they learned some street smarts quickly.

2. When you have good intentions but you come out psychotic


You know what they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." I'm not saying that's where they all ended up, but still...

3. When you look so cute that people don't expect that you can kick their but like Popeye


This Barnacle Boy cosplayer is out of this world. What is she training for to get muscles like these? I think we just found a new female Avenger.

4. When you insist on wearing your favorite jeans even when they make you look like an oven roast


I think there is some titanium reinforcement in these strings.

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