14+ GIFs of Women Who Immediately Regretted Their Decisions


Generally, when you think of fail videos, you think of a guy getting pegged in the nuts with a ball or some dude pulling a Jackass style stunt. But what we'd like to do is take a moment to celebrate the fact that when women fail, they fail hard.

1. There's a reason baking videos are of the food

As one commenter pointed out, that kid was pretty quick on his feet to think to unplug the mixer.

2. When the sale is too good to pass up

Seriously, she looks like a cat with a laser pointer.

3. The floor is lava!

What kind of jackass makes a swiveling garbage can? This sort of thing must happen all the time.

4. That's my kind of photo finish

Imagine being run into by someone who is running near the peak of human capability. That one probably hurt as much as any we've seen so far.

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