14 Creepy Things That Are Definitely Straight From Hell

Can we just stop with all the dolls?

We all like to sneak a peek into the dark side of things. Thanks to the Internet, we get to lift the lid on the creepier parts of the world without any real danger to ourselves. Here are 14 of the strangest and creepiest images we could find for you today.

1. This angel of death statue at a cemetery


Because when I go to visit deceased loved one, I know I want to feel like I'm being chased by ring wraiths.

2. This Powerpuff Girls fanart


This piece is by artist Joel Kirkpatrick, although it does seem to be a little shy on "everything nice." Also, as a fun Easter Egg, it 100% says "Never gonna give you up" on the chalkboard.

3. This nightmare doll


If you're ordering yourself a "flesh doll" make sure you double check before you order.

4. This picture from an old anatomy lesson


It's like They Live and Attach on Titan had a baby.

5. This other friendly angel of death


To help me be less creeped out, I'm just imagining the angel is helping pull a pesky splinter out of the side of his head.

Up next: What's he holding?


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