14 Cheaters Who Got Outed in the Most Epic Ways

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

It's bad to cheat on your significant other but it can be very entertaining for the rest of us when the cheating person has sh*t for brains. True, it might hurt to be cheated on, but let's face it - these people are so much better off without these toxic scumbags in their lives!

1. I think that a paint job might be in order


Or a total change of neighborhood.

2. There was nothing else that could have been done


The junkyard is the only place for this car now. There are certain things that shouldn't be kept in the family.

3. At least she left him one

The Mave Site

These were not the only nuts he lost.

4. When revenge reaches the next level


And then Aaron Paul gets involved:


Too bad that they didn't meet. The follow-up is here.

5. Sunday sermon just got that much more interesting


"And he descended onto him like a vengeful cloud, pointed the finger, the heavens moved aside by the strength of his convictions, he screamed 'You bastard!'"

6. The best Google review ever


Turns out that not only people who write Amazon reviews have guts.

7. Their faces are priceless


You've been busted!

8. The most epic treasure hunt


You can say that this is the ultimate treasure hunt for your life back.

9. This is so clever


The placement of this note impresses me even more than this outburst of male solidarity.

10. Revenge is a dish best served inked


This oddly reminds me of the scene from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo when she tattooed her abuser. How about making this a new form of punishment? We could call it "tattoos for your sins."

11. Be aware of your surroundings


You might want to be careful with what you're talking about even if you're sure that your wife is somewhere else.

12. She might have been cheated on but he got fraped!


Leaving your Facebook open is a bad idea even if you're not cheating on anyone. Lest all your friends might find out that you dye your pubic hair green and have a weird tomato fetish.

13. That's some wonderful name-calling right there


The only thing that's missing here is the picture of Steven to warn other ladies about his slimeballs.

14. Hit him where it hurts


I have to imagine that this gets the Carrie Underwood seal of approval.

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