13 Thrift Store Finds That Are Actually Amazing

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Everyone has a friend or a friend of a friend who has made an amazing thrift store find. Maybe they got a sealed video game or a great deal on a name brand piece of clothing. But what we're here to talk about are some of the next level thrift store discoveries.

1. A wearable Yogi Bear head - Price: $5


I don't want to guess how much a Yogi costume costs but I guarantee that it's hundreds of times more than what this person paid for the head. I'm not about to say there are tons of practical uses for this find but look at it!

2. A high school yearbook an incredible, unexpected story


Someone was shopping at a thrift store in Arizona when they came across a yearbook from 1966. One of the notable things from the yearbook was that the graduating class all listed their ambitions. One person, Vincent Damon Furnier said that they wanted to sell a million records. Fans of his may realize that Vincent Damon Furnier grew up to be... Alice Cooper.

3. The best suit he'd ever worn - Price $10


I don't have much to add to this one aside from just being impressed that this guy's suit seems to fit him better than I fit inside my own skin.

4. A sealed 1GB iPod Nano Special edition - $0.50


Technically, I'm cheating a little bit including this one since this one's from a yard sale and not a thrift store but still, that's a heck of a bargain. 1GB of storage may not get you far these days but what else are you going to do with two quarters burning a hole in your pocket?

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