13+ People Who Embrace The Redneck Life

Seriously, could you be anymore of a redneck?

Redneck by definition means a working-class white person – especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area. Often meanings to words change over the course of history but for this word that's not the case. And now, redneck attire and culture have crept their way into the cultural zeitgeist. There's just something about being a redneck that people love. I'm not sure why, but it's everywhere!

If you or anyone you know owns their inner redneck like the people in this article, pipe up and show us in the comments!

1. Is this genius?


If you love taxidermy and you're still in school, why not make a pencil case out of an old squirrel. What could be more redneck?

2. These gender reveals are getting out of hand


We've all seen them, you either hate them or love them. No need to worry about the pink smoking spewing from his truck, it just means they're having a girl. Congrats!

3. This free pool


They had no idea when they decided to use this trailer park that there would be a pool. I guess some people are just lucky.

4. This room decor


You might not find any designer do this on your favorite home reno show. But that's probably because they're not brave enough for it.

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