13+ People Share Their Funniest Stories About Why They Stopped In The Middle Of Sex

Preach brother preach!

We all have stories about our conquests, both good and bad. So I bet this article really hits home for some people. Thanks to this reddit AMA we get to have a good laugh at people's misfortunes. If you'd like, let us know in the comments about any of your embarrassing moments. We're all friends here and we've all been there, so don't worry.

1. Have you done this?

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We've all been in the heat of the moment and felt that fart coming. Do we let it out and hope she didn't notice? Or if she does notice, will she hate you for it? It looks like full steam ahead with this one.

2. Some people have interesting priorities

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I guess this is where you question how long your relationship will last. Magic The Gathering cards can go for a lot on eBay, so you really have to decide if your relationship is worth more than the resale value.

3. We've all been here

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Sometimes you need to have a buffer of space around the bed for scenarios just like this. You should never keep like sized objects in the same spot so this doesn't happen. You might not be able to turn off a glass of water, but you can turn off your girl trying.

4. Nothing worse than a bad nickname for your junk

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Guys, we can all agree this sounds like one of the worst things to happen to a man and we can all feel his pain. I think it's safe to say they're probably not together anymore.

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