13 Most Creative Urinals You Ever See

I had no idea this was a thing.

So okay - I know this is weird, but hear me out. Apparently, there is a whole other world in men's bathrooms that I never knew of. I look at these and I'm seriously wondering why none of that creativity is ever applied to women's restrooms. Perhaps not in the design of the toilet seat itself but, you know, it would be nice to have games to play in the bathroom. Just saying.

1. Cushions on the wall so you can rest your head while peeing


This might really come in handy when you had one too many.

2. Apparently, these women are really impressed


This is humorous but I'm not sure if I really like this idea. Is this supposed to work as an ego boost or just to make gay guys uncomfortable?

3. Gothic urinal straight from hell


The gargoyle is crazy enough all by itself but I'm really curious about these mirrors. Why do you need them all to reflect your junk? Is that like a magnifying lens or something?

4. Don't use if you're scared of sharks


What I'm getting from this post so far is that men like the feeling that something is about to gnaw at them. Maybe it's the whole thing about living on the edge?

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