13 Images That Will Pick You Right Up

Every day I wake up and I swear that the world is weirder.

This pic dump will totally cheer you up if you are having a bad day! But I don't think you can have one since it's Friday and we all know that this is the day of gods. However, if you work on the weekend or have a bunch of studying to do make sure to check out this pic dump and its therapeutic properties.

1. When you want to be an artist really badly but have no talent


I think that there should be some sort of rule that says that if you cannot immediately recognize something as art then it's not art. Maybe that would stop all the nonsense and brought the value of actual art pieces back up a little.

2. I think that Todd might be in danger now


What did he do? Did he bring an actual lightsaber?

3. When you are the last one standing


Never give up on your dreams!

4. This is age gap culture shock at its finest


I can almost feel what's going through his head "and this is what we fought for..."

5. This is the start of the catpocalypse


We were so afraid of zombies that we didn't even notice what was going on right under our noses.

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