13 Images That'll Ruin Your Childhood

Don't click if you want your nostalgia kept intact.

They say you can never really go home. If these pictures are anything to go by, that's absolutely true. Just hold onto your nostalgia and don't let anyone go near it.

1. Somebody please end my suffering


Not that Spongebob Squarepants has ever looked edible but this monstrosity from the 8th circle of hell looks like it tasted like garbage.

2. Some lesser-known Dr. Seuss artwork


Horton really likes what he's seeing.

3. Where They Are Now: Hoggle from Labyrinth

The Friendly Eurypterid

Actually, that's not quite true. This is the state that Hoggle was in when he was found at an unclaimed baggage center. Now, he's been restored and is on display in a museum.

4. You'll never be able to unsee it

The Almighty Guru

Poor Mario, having your death plastered on boxes for the whole world to see.

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