13 Harsh Realities Of The Retail World

No wonder we'd all rather be shopping online.

Customer service jobs are a rite of passage for many of us and a career for others. So there aren't too many of us who haven't witnessed the ridiculous policies, customers, and other dumb realities of retail. Once you've worked a job like this, most of these pictures will hit very close to home.

1. The management is keeping a very, very close eye on you


Um, I think you're supposed to at least specify what "other" means. What else could you even do to a person? Bathroom cams? Waterboard them?

2. You'll have to defend dumb promotions


Even if these were in the right order...

3. Sometimes the customers will notice how you're feeling


In case it's too tough to read, this is a review of a Sprint store. It says:

First off, half the staff looked practically suicidal. The place reeked of depression and exhaustion. There was tons of bugs in the window and the atmosphere was [reminiscent] of a DMV crossed with a prison cell. Most importantly, I showed someone my broken phone and they told me that it happens all the time to that model. [They] also told me nothing could be done except to buy a new phone. I feel like I've been scammed.

4. You'll be grateful when clean-ups aren't as bad as they could be


Having cleaned up way worse messes caused by customer in bathrooms, I'd be thrilled if trading cards was all it was.

5. You'll likely learn to hate children


I mean, it could be worse. The clothes are mostly still folded but the sheer amount of people who treat stores like babysitters is ridiculous.

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