13+ Fails From The World Of Fashion

These are true crimes against fashion.

We all like to dress up and have our own voice when it comes to what we wear. We like those cute shoes or interesting top that will really show people what kind of person we are. However, some people's judgment on what to wear is severely lacking. I'm all for repurposing clothes or being confident and wear something no one else is, but these are ridiculous. I don't know how number 12 sleeps at night.

1. When you love the way they look


Some people have an irregular foot size that doesn't fit into most shoes. That often leaves people with little to no option for footwear. If you don't mind being uncomfortable, this might be the best alternative.

2. When wrestling is your life


Wrestling has an insane following, especially for some of the classic wrestlers. So it's not outside the realm of possibility for hardcore fans to dress up like an old-fashioned wrestler, even at a grocery store.

3. The future of fashion?


This is the next step in drug-related attire that hopefully doesn't catch on. You thought people walking around with a pop leaf on their shirt was too much, then get a load of this. This is the combination for sizzurp in case you weren't sure.

4. This great patchwork job

Dump A Day

We all have that favorite piece of clothing and will often go to great lengths to keep it alive. This is when you accept function over fashion.

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