13+ Celebrities Who Are Way Hotter Than You Realized

How could we be so blind?

9. Ariel Winter


Ariel grew up in the thralls of her Modern Family fame. She made people laugh in her geeky role as Alex Dunphy. So, it's understandable that we all overlooked her beauty. Now 19, Ariel is rocking a look that makes her seem like the long lost Kardashian sister.


10. Hannah Murray


If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you know her as Gilly. If you're edgy, you know her as Cassie from Skins. Regardless of how you recognize her, you probably didn't realize that she's a lot better looking than her roles let her on to be.


11. Judy Greer

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Judy Greer's been in almost everything I swear! If you need a quirky female for a small or big role, she's game for either. So it's hard to believe that she's actually a lot better looking than some of the roles she plays.


12. America Ferrera


You would think that the actress who plays the main character on a show called Ugly Betty would actually be ugly in real life. Well, to our surprise it was all just acting on the part of America Ferrera.

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