13+ Celebrities Who Are Way Hotter Than You Realized

How could we be so blind?

5. Zooey Deschanel


You probably love her on New Girl because of how ridiculous she is. For some that might cover up how beautiful she really is. She sure has come a long way from her pale face and blonde hair in Elf as well.


6. Dascha Polanco


You usually see her being moody and sometimes bada$$ while serving her time in Litchfield Prison on Orange Is the New Black. What you don't see often is what she looks like outside of the show. I bet you didn't think this was her? Well, it is!


7. Amanda Seyfried

Around Movies

Remember Jennifer's Body? Weren't you excited to see more of Megan Fox after seeing Transformers? Well, that movie tanked. Did you by any chance noticed Amanda Seyfried's character, Needy? Total nerd right? Well, this is what Amanda Seyfried really looks like? Crazy right?


8. Alison Brie


The former Community and Mad Men, is not the nerdy/reserved person she plays on either show. She can be seen modeling for Complex back in 2010, showing a whole new side to her.


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