13+ Celebrities Who Are Way Hotter Than You Realized

How could we be so blind?

You don't often get ugly/nerdy people to play ugly/nerdy roles. Those chosen are often actually good looking. However, while we watch the show/movie we tend to miss that part. There's usually the stereotypically hot actress taking over the show, so we don't notice the inner beauty of the other characters. Who would have thought Velma was actually really good looking?

1. Jenna Fischer

NBC via ET Online

We all loved Pam from The Office because she was so nice and loved messing with Dwight. What we might not have noticed is how good looking she actually is. It's pretty easy to look drab and boring when you work in an office, especially when you're playing the part so well.


This is Jenna outside of The Office where even though she's a mom, she still knows how to wow us.

2. Melissa Rauch


There's a reason why nerds flock to watch The Big Bang Theory, it's not just because of its style of humor, it's the woman. Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette on the show hides behind her glasses and geeky personality. But off the show, she's so much more.


She can be seen here posing for Maxim magazine. Now, do you understand the nerd boners?

3. Thesy Surface

Unreality Magazine

Are you a fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? I'm sure you are. I bet you completely ignored the inner beauty of Margaret McPoyle because you got lost in her unibrow and odd personality. Well, this is what she actually looks like? Now, will you stop judging a book by its cover? Doubt it.


4. Naomi Grossman


American Horror Story is a great show, I've never really seen anything like it. The lengths they go to really scare you are insane! Enter the commitment of Naomi Grossman. She played Pepper on the show, who is microcephalic. As you can see, in real life she looks nothing like her character.


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