12 "When You See It" Images That Will Seriously Mess You Up

Try not to flinch when you see it. I dare you.

Do you know that feeling when you're looking at an image, hoping to see something that's hidden within but the whole time you're secretly afraid that the image is a gif and something is going to pop up at you all of a sudden? Well, unless you look at these you will never know if any of them is a gif waiting to give you a heart attack. So check them out!

1. Just a happy birthday party


Nothing but total cheer and joy.

Clue: don't go outside.

2. Happy couple in the middle of a romantic photoshoot


Nothing here to see except for some overbearing PDA.

Clue: their dog is a bit too happy.

3. Just a girl walking down the hall


Or floating? Is she truly floating?

Clue: oh wait...

4. She wants you to be at peace


Because she seems like such a peaceful girl herself, with no stress at all.

Clue: there are monsters hidden within.

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