12 Text Messages That You Never Want To Receive

This much cringe may not be healthy.

So we've all received terrible messages sometimes from random people telling us something that made us feel awkward or dirty inside. Whether it's a stupid auto-correct or a person that's too creepy for words - cringe is never a good emotion. Here are some examples of cringe taken to the next level!

1. There are some truly weird fetishes out there


I did hear before that hiccups have a weird placement in some types of hentai adult films but someone actually asking you to send a video of hiccuping? It's safe to say that it ain't gonna happen.

2. When someone gives out the wrong number


"If I'm too much for you just say it." Seriously, who says something like that? And, more importantly, what sort of answer do you expect? "Yes, babe I cannot handle strong and powerful women such as yourself so stop messaging me." #b**chPlease

3. When you rent your apartment to a creep


I think the only thing you can do is burn down the apartment. Or get your listing off the AirBnB site, if you're running low on kerosene.

4. This dude should have really thought things through before he opened his mouth


One of the major mistakes girls make is to believe that they are an "exception." Also, note how quickly she managed to turn it around just by asking "D's aren't big to you?"

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