12 Stupid Lifehacks (And What You Should Do Instead)

How do people even come up with these things?


Most lifehacks described below are pretty much as useful as using ketchup as a page holder. However, they have a sneaky appearance of being somewhat useful so that you cannot tell immediately how stupid they actually are.

1. When you don't need your pant hangers anymore


Are they serious? Any sort of paper clip will do the same thing for you, and you don't have to ruin your hangers for it.

2. When you really don't care about the aesthetics and you're lazy


I can see how this could be something that you want to try, especially if you have one of those brand new trays. However, if you use your pan to actually make muffins, I find it gets pieces of batter stuck all over it. Often you cannot remove them with anything else but a metal scrubber. This, in turn, damages the coating and, pretty soon, you're stuck with a tray that has either pieces of old batter stuck everywhere or it's beginning to rust.

3. When you don't know how to fold the edge of the tape


You know that you can just fold that edge, right? You really don't need any extra tools to hold the tape edge back from sticking to the roll. And if you are just holding it to use in the next five seconds then here is a real life hack for you - just stick the damn thing to the table.

4. When your cookie won't fit into a cup and you can't be bothered to break it in half


Are you going to eat that entire box of cookies? Do you really have no bowls at home? These boxes are so flimsy that pretty soon all of this milk is gonna be all over your lap.

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