12 Photos That Will Make You Say What The Actual Hell

Houston, we might have a problem but we don't even know what it is...

There are situations in life that don't need explanations. These ones are definitely not them, though. We need all the explanation we can get for these images. It's crazy how sometimes even simple things can have you absolutely stumped.

1. What did you do Greg?


This "we don't find you interesting" line really raises more questions than I care to admit. What must he have done for someone to be so mean to him?

2. Bloggers should jump on this new method of curling hair...


She must have scored a great deal on condoms because I can't imagine wasting them like that; they are way too expensive.

3. What events? So many questions


Oreo fights? Oreo orgies? Oreo book bonfires? I really want to know what happened, although I feel like the answer might be surprisingly mundane.

4. I feel like someone really wanted that Klondike bar and then they got attacked by a real bear


You pay the price is you don't respect the bear. First, you need to sacrifice two goats, only then you can eat Klondike in peace.

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