12 People Who Understand That Gaming Is Life

Does this seem like some kind of game to you?

For something called "gaming," the line between fun and hard work can get real blurry. These people understand and embrace the grind of becoming the best at all costs.

1. When you play until your body gives out


It's new generation but the behaviors are all the same. How many sleepovers ended with everyone waking up to the TV still on in the morning?

2. You can spot a real gamer from a mile away


Not to get all old-man on you now but back in my day the injury of choice from gaming was the gross blister you'd give yourself from spinning the joystick on the Nintendo 64.

3. A real gamer plays what they want to play without apology


In terms of hours spent playing it, I don't think I've ever played a game more than Pokemon GO and damnit, I don't care who knows it.

4. This couple knows how to get it done


This is just plain efficient. Get the enjoyment of a good hug without getting in the way of the game.

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