12 People Who Couldn't Care Less They Were In Public

They're taking DGAF to a whole new level.

Plenty of people say they don't care what other people think but if we're honest, it's about 80% of what we worry about. These people are genuinely living like the whole world is watching and they couldn't care less. You might be more inclined to go out any buy a Ford or Toyota car to privatize your commute after reading this.

1. Baby, could you pop my zit?


She's right up there, too. That's gonna get her in the eye and then they're in an even bigger mess.

2. Simply past the point of caring


I bet he doesn't make up any excuses about reading the articles either.

3. Can never get a seat? Bring your own!


My main concern is what happens if the bus stops or starts suddenly. That chair is going feet-over-back.

4. Getting in a real deep lean


She knows. She just really doesn't care.

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5. The coolest hat I've ever seen


Apparently, this is a promotional hat you can buy from ice cream chain Blue Bunny. If someone wants to buy me one, I'm not saying no.

6. My nightmare whenever I feel sleepy on a bus


Who needs to go to the bar to meet people when public transit will give you all the exposure to strangers you need.

7. It's never too late to learn


Apparently this is a book where men reveal all their favorite things they've had done to them in the bedroom. It's basically a Cosmo article stretched into a whole book.

8. Forgive me for being brief


Everything about this guy screams that he thinks he owns the place. Legs spread out everywhere, arm over another sat. Once you start going briefs-to-seat, you're the king of the bus.

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9. Subway's getting real loose with their dress policy


Although, the open sign is off so once the shift is over, nudity is fair game.

10. A DIY handle bar


I'm not sure how I feel. Impressed, I guess? I just hope that this was bought for that purpose and isn't from her bathroom at home.

11. This guy figured out his style and is just going for it


Hell, if I had access to that outfit, I'd wear it every single day.

12. Having a great time at the ball game


In all actuality, she's likely planning a Pure Romance party (think Tupperware or Avon for adult toys) and is being thorough. Kudos to her for taking is seriously.

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