12 People Who Couldn't Care Less They Were In Public

They're taking DGAF to a whole new level.

Plenty of people say they don't care what other people think but if we're honest, it's about 80% of what we worry about. These people are genuinely living like the whole world is watching and they couldn't care less. You might be more inclined to go out any buy a Ford or Toyota car to privatize your commute after reading this.

1. Baby, could you pop my zit?


She's right up there, too. That's gonna get her in the eye and then they're in an even bigger mess.

2. Simply past the point of caring


I bet he doesn't make up any excuses about reading the articles either.

3. Can never get a seat? Bring your own!


My main concern is what happens if the bus stops or starts suddenly. That chair is going feet-over-back.

4. Getting in a real deep lean


She knows. She just really doesn't care.

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