12+ People Share What They Think Is The Worst Thing You Can Do During Sex

What's the worst that could happen, really?

Like anything else, the bedroom (or where ever you're doing it) has rules, or guidelines if you will to how to act when you're doing it. It should go without saying that you shouldn't do or say anything on this list if you want the relationship to continue. Redditors took to this AMA to tell the world what they think is a deal breaker during sex.

What are some of your rules to live by in the bedroom? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

1. It takes some time to earn someone's trust


It is definitely possible that someone can't get pregnant. But I would proceed with caution if it's a hookup type of situation.

2. Just keep moving along


To be fair, this can easily happen with a lack of lube or some rather vigorous thrusting. However, if you notice that it happens you should stop and grab another.

3. If you need some inspiration, maybe just keep it to yourself?


We all need something to get us going from time to time. Most of us though keep it to ourselves to avoid this awkwardness.

4. You can't just double dip


Anyone else immediately reference Seinfeld after reading the last part?

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