12 People Getting Called Out On Their BS

Some people's drama cannot go unchecked.

Social media has been a blessing in many respects. Amazing ideas have been passed around at the speed of light. Creative people have a larger audience than they could ever imagine. On the other hand, people are also often straight up dum-dums and it's nothing but delicious to see it get called out.

1. When you screw up so bad, your grandma gets involved


My grandma has stayed quiet about a lot of dumb stuff I've done. I'd hate to see what happened if she got pushed over the edge.

2. Not even the big guy is immune


Turns out Josh is not a fan of globalization.

3. The Wild West of online image sharing has a new sheriff

Lance Cpl. Derrick K. Irions

No idea who Rich Froning is but I can tell you he's my new favorite triathlete.

4. There are two sides to every story


And the public has spoken. Literally 20x more people approved of the callout than the original review.

5. Sometimes, it's the little things


This is why you unfriend your exes. Also, the fact that this all happened within two minutes suggests the guy is maybe paying a little too much attention to her wall. You're not wrong, bud, but let it go.

6. Pho-get about it


Say what you will about the loss of privacy but linking people's profiles to their actual identities holds them accountable to their actions. When Tina S. tried to falsely give Thank U Pho a bad review to prop up her family's restaurant, they responded with the classiest callout ever.

7. That's a potent lack of respect


That's a pretty stone-cold thing to do to a tattoo artist, especially if they're on your Facebook.

8. I wish I knew the whole story


The result is brilliant. By answering in the medium that got them in trouble in the first place, Flatiron wins, without a doubt. Rebecca ends up looking like a drama queen, regardless of what she said on Yelp.

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