12 Images That Will Really Get Under Your Skin

Like the spiders that burrow under your fingernails at night.

Hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight. In case you were, let these images give you just enough heebie-jeebies to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Also, that itch you just felt on your leg isn't a spider, and there isn't someone watching you from behind while you read this. Enjoy!

A warning that depending on where you work, some of these may be considered NFSW, depending on where you work.

1. Hey, remember the first Alice in Wonderland movie?


Remember, this was a movie meant for kids.

2. I can think of one person whose feet would fit these perfectly


Sadly, they're missing two feet now.

3. This is what happens to naughty kids in Europe


Krampus ought to have a stronger following in North America if you ask me.

4. I can do what to the baby?


For fun, read "you can shave the baby" and stress a different word each time.

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