12 Images For The Best Coffee Break You've Ever Had

Best paired with: a very strong cup of joe!

If you're looking to have some fun today then look no further! This pic dump has been proven by The World's Sarcastic Association and A Center Of Eventful Misinterpretation to brighten your day, and I'm sure that you can get a few laughs out of what we've put together.

1. This is how you know that your grandma really loves you


Frankly, I would much more prefer these than original Nike's. That way you can kick back in front of the TV like a badass you are.

2. When you tell your daughter that this is a phone and she calls you a liar


Oh, kids these days... In twenty years, when she shows her old iPhone to her own daughter playing with her holographic VR through the nano-chips in her eyes, she will be called a liar and then she will know how this feels.

3. Stephen Fry and Carrie Fisher used to exchange the world's weirdest gifts


Affording to this reddit post, this was the last gift that Stephen Fry received from Carrie Fisher. That woman had one wicked sense of humor.

4. This is how you know it's time to get the hell out of your house


And this is how you do it: you call a professional exorcist with the largest crucifix in town and a few gallons of holy water on hand, while you wait and attempt to prevent your head from twisting.

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