12 Girlfriends Who'll Make You Glad You're Single

It's a minefield out there.

Not every match is a match made in heaven. Sometimes you'll pick someone who's just not compatible with you. Other times you'll miss some crucial warning signs. These girls (and a couple of guys) are holding their red flags up high to let you know it's time to get out.

1. Now that's what I call a double standard


Pardon me while I make a reservation to take my girlfriend out for dinner.

2. Who would benefit from this information!?


I wonder what they told her. Did they tell her that the way back into his heart was to admit to getting swindled by telephone psychics?

3. When your current girlfriend comments on old posts years later


Just in case you were planning on clawing your way back into his life.

4. Every other girl is competition. Every. Single. One.


Well there goes half his audience.

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