12 Funny Pictures To Start Your Week Off Right

Including a how-to on taking the perfect booty picture.

Mondays, am I right? Here's a little pick-me-up to help get that weird crust of your eyes and the hangover out of your head. Yep, staring at a bright screen should clear that right up.

1. Words to live by


This looks like an old Hulk Hogan promo, except incoherent. So pretty much exactly like an old Hulk Hogan promo.

2. How we got around before GPS


No, you idiot, you take a RIGHT at Moo-Moo farm!

3. Life is though


I'm choosing to believe this fellow is just a master of irony.

4. After the self-esteem experiment on Millennials, educators are taking a different approach


You probably didn't really want to be an astronaut anyway. Now take this spatula, the burgers need flipping.

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