11 Times Women Were Too Wild For Words

For many completely unrelated reasons, and all of them awesome!


Whether it's a battle of wits, doing something endearing, or simply changing your mind on some matter (by reason or by force!), it's clear that women can tear you a new one if they please. If you step on their toes you might be faced with ferocious consequences. Let's face it, there are many ways in which women can get wild, and these ladies are definitely it!

1. This girl who is hugging the wildest of animals


I mean, this picture just had to make the cut. Baby lions need some love too, and they definitely are so adorable that I'm having trouble taking my eyes off this image.

2. This 87-year-old woman who completed a "Fun Run For Cancer" in honor of her son


There are some acts and causes that touch our hearts. This elderly woman proved her love by doing what was the hardest for her - walking. At least she had a police escort and her doctor followed her in a golf cart.

3. This woman paddle boarding on the Colorado River


Her outfit combination really makes me wonder about what other activities she had planned for the day. Anyone who can keep their balance on stilettos while paddle boarding really deserves some sort of a medal.

4. This female perfection chugging her beer during Oktoberfest


Traditional outfit - check! Blond pigtails - check! Crazy push up bra - check! A pint of beer - check! This is Oktoberfest spirit at it's finest and this woman knows it.

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