11 Personalized Gift Ideas For That Quirky Person In Your Life

Whoever you are, we've got a perfect gift for you.

Perfect gifts don't necessarily need to cost a lot but they do need to be perfectly tailored to the receiver. So whatever you're spending on your gifts this Christmas, whether it's time or money, we've got something that's going to make your choice a little easier and, hopefully, a lot more special.

1. A gift for someone who hates to love Nicolas Cage, has a sense of humor, and gets the Internet


Obviously, it needs to be your special someone for them to earn a strong message like this. So if you want an item that will proclaim your love everlasting, get something like this!

2. A gift for someone who spends too much time on 4chan and reddit


This extremely literary book will be a great gift for anyone who enjoys dancing to the melodious sounds of the world cracking to pieces under their footsteps. Read: internet trolls.

3. A gift for someone who needs guitar picks more than their credit cards


Chances this gift is for your very artistic but not sufficiently accomplished younger brother who is going to be the next Marylin Manson.

4. A gift for someone who used to play classic Nintendo games as a child and still won't shut up about it


For them, the wine only tastes good when it is eaten from carnivorous chalices.

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