11 Of The Most Cringeworthy Pictures You've Seen In Awhile

We won't blame you if you need to look away.

Chances are good that even today you've said something you regret. Chances are even better that you've never said or done anything as cringeworthy as the examples we're laying out for you below.

1. Why isn't anyone answering this guy's question?


Ah yes, the Great Wall of Michigan, used for centuries to block out the invading Canadians.

2. I'm really hoping he's just using the wrong word


I really wish that I could take a peek at those 15 comments.

3. Won't somebody please think of the children?


This guy's got some screws loose but unfortunately doesn't recognize the tools to put them back in place.

4. Nothing quite like finding out where you stand on Facebook


When you have to tell someone you're going to stop responding to them, everyone's having a bad time.

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