11 Million Things Every Girl Knows She Needs When Travelling

And some more.

There are essential items that you need to bring when you're traveling and then there are things that you think that you might need "just in case." Sure, you might end up not using them at all but there is a very good chance that if you don't bring one of these things it will be exactly the thing you need.

In short, guys have no idea that packing for a woman can be a task that's daunting and borderline impossible. For every girl getting ready to go on a trip is like a minefield. We do not only have to pack triple of what an average guy needs, we also need to comply with crazy luggage restrictions. And when you finally acquire skills that bend the time-space continuum and let you fit half of your closet into one little bag you find out that it's much too heavy.

Every woman traveler needs to learn how to become a wizard much like Hermione Granger to be able to fit the entirety of her life inside a tiny bag. We're never "just going on a trip." For every woman any journey including the possibility of: getting lost in the woods, getting lost at sea, accidentally ending up invited to a red carpet event, or ending up having your period right in the middle of a beach party. You must be prepared.

1. Shoes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes


A woman needs shoes for every occasion to be right with her wherever she goes. When you find that one pair of booties that match your soul and every single piece of clothing that you own you are the happiest person in the world. That doesn't change the fact that when you go on a trip you will need: said booties, dress shoes, flat sandals, heeled sandals, loafers, flip-flops, flats, running shoes, and that one pair of worn out boots that is literally the only thing you can wear for twenty hours straight without wanting to kill your feet.

2. Mini versions of everything


Since a trip is like a mini version of your life you need everything that you use each day packed into tiny bottles that can pass through airport security. You need them in your hand luggage so you end up having at least five makeup bags in your handbag alone. You categorize them according to the needs: a) brushing teeth and washing face b) moisturizing every part of your body c) cleaning and disinfecting d) tools (like earplugs, wipes, bobbins, eyemask etc.) and e) everything else.

3. Your pet


Who wants to leave Mr. Fluffers home? You never know if your mom will end up giving him the cat food he doesn't like or, even worse, letting him play outside. Even though you leave detailed notes about how many hugs he needs per day, it's still the toughest separation of all and you just wish that you could stuff him inside one of your shoes.

4. An outfit for each day of your trip plus some

author's own

And you must remember that each one of these days can either be sunny or rainy, you can either be chilling by the pool or exploring the city. Also, you will most certainly need a separate outfit for the night - and you just don't know; are you going to be sitting in another dive bar sipping on a martini or letting go in one of the clubs with the rooftop bar and a dress code stricter than your grandmother?

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