11 Creepy Images That Are Sure To Make You Cringe

...or make you take a long shower in bleach.

There is so much stuff in the world that makes me cringe and these pictures are somewhere on the top of that list. They are bound to make you feel like you want to vomit your breakfast and scrub your skin with some heavy duty soap.

1. When you learn that some people are this into anime


I bet this girl in the background loves her anime and still she judges him. If you carry a kawaii anime pillow like that as an adult then the only thing you deserve is to be beaten up with it.

2. When you find out that there is a whole subculture of overweight guys with swords that want to lock you in the kitchen


I don't think the word is "bad ass," I think he meant to say "big ass."

3. When you need some safe space


Pretending to be a toaster is the new thing on college campuses. If you feel in any way unsafe, just pretend to be one and all your troubles will go away.

4. When you really hope that he never finds her


I'm getting a heart attack just looking at these crazy eyes.

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