10 Extremely Polite Thieves Who Are Really Sorry

Crime doesn't pay, but manners might.

Have you ever deeply regretted something you've done, hoping that if you could somehow reverse your actions, you would? These ten thieves were afraid of karma catching up to them, so they tried to make it up to their victims the only way they knew how: by leaving a note.

1. So kind of them to return with interest!


They couldn't bear the taste of guilt. Or maybe that's just the taste of Bud Light.

2. They've turned a new leaf!

Daily Mail

The next step in the reformed bike thief's plan is to gift a bike to each and every boy and girl.

3. Wait, does that make them an accomplice?


Also, could they not have done any better than a bike for a getaway vehicle?

4. A little generosity goes a long way, especially when it's unsolicited.


I guess that's karma for you. Ask permission, or you will forever be itchy.

5. This guy apparently stole an entire boat on a bender, but returned it in one piece!

Daily Mail

Dave apparently becomes a literal pirate after too much rum.

6. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…


Jack's still learning to drive a stick.

7. A deal's a deal, I guess.

Daily Mail

I hope they were cheap pants, or he's still getting ripped off.

8. It's a good thing he returned it, or Smokey the Bear would be after him.


But who could have taken this pinecone? Wait a second…


I knew it! It was only a matter of time before Brendon went back to his pinecone-chucking days.

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9. He just saved himself from a permanent spot on the naughty list.


Then again, Santa has a history of break-and-enters so he's hardly one to judge.

10. He must really like KitKats.


I'm afraid to ask what he'd do for a Klondike bar.

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