The 10 Best and Worst Nerdy Tattoos

Before you get inked, see the best and worst case scenarios.

When getting a tattoo, you really need to put thought into what you want. We have ten examples of nerdy tattoos done right, as well as tats that should be sent back to the drawing board.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

I don't really want to ask what the context is for the right image, but I will say the pixel work on the left is pretty damn impressive.

2. Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Beauty is in the eye (or hand) of the beholder on the left, whereas the displacer beast on the right seems to have displaced half of its stomach.

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3. God of War

It's Kratos vs. his lesser-known brother, Karlos. Who wins?

4. Doctor Who

I just want to say that while you're squinting at the tattoo on the right, the weeping angel is creeping up on you.

5. X-Men's Wolverine

Shower thought: can Wolverine actually get tattoos, or would his healing factor erase them?

6. Star Wars

Left: the greatest film in the Star Wars canon.

Right: the abomination that did more damage than Jar Jar Binks ever could.

7. Disney

On the left: a wonderful rendition of the Disney castle.

On the right: Faces of meth, Disney edition.

8. Pokemon

Fun fact: the Charmander on the right was self-inflicted, and the artist was high on Xanax.

9. Game of Thrones

"You know nothing" is precisely what the artist was thinking as they put the finishing touches on the one on the right.

10. Dragon Ball Z

The tattoos on the left are so good it looks like Toriyama himself drew it. Meanwhile, we have the crossover no one asked for on the right.

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