10 Adult TV Cartoons For The Kid In All Of Us

Hilarious and animated, the way I like it.

If you're ever told that you are too old for something, agree to disagree with the person. We're never too old for a little fun, adventure, or reliving our youth. TV shows understand that and that's why there are plenty of awesome cartoons for adults. The humor is witty, clever, and packed with R-rated jokes just for you. No kids allowed for these shows. Besides, they probably won't get it anyway.

Warning: some shows contain NSFW language

1. BoJack Horseman

Premiering in August 2014 on Netflix, BoJack Horseman struggled with its initial release. By the second half of the first season both critics and fans alike warmed up and the show became a hit. BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett) is a washed-up star from the 90s living out his later days in Hollywood, all the while complaining about everything.

The show is full of dark humor, ever-developing characters, and a good dose of real-life antics. As the seasons progressed the show only become funnier and more polished, and I can only hope that it continues to do the same going forward. The show will premiere its fourth season in summer 2017.

2. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is another magnificent Dan Harmon creation. Following an alcoholic scientist and genius Rick (Justin Roiland) and his impressionable grandson Morty (Justin Roiland) as they travel through our universe and the multiverse.

Rick's theories and lessons on life are hilarious and offer a comedic relief that every adult needs in their life. The show is highly creative, follows a fantastic and clever script, and each episode has a fresh feel. It is the perfect show to take your mind off your worries as each line is packed with hilarity and a dose of wit. Season three is coming, however, fans have only been teased with a premiere date. Fans are hopeful it will arrive before March 2017.

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3. Adventure Time

Adventure Time may look colorful and talk a lot about friendship, but do not be fooled. It is not only for kids, it is for adults too! Finn the human (Jeremy Shada) and Jake the dog (John DiMaggio) travel across the very distant land of Ooo with their various friends.

The show never seems to disappoint when introducing hilarious and elaborate settings, characters, or adventures. Every character you meet is developed and offers a great addition to the episode or the show as a whole. While the show is suitable for children, the plot lines are much more mature and are definitely intended as adult humor. The show plays with light versus dark and is a never-ending ride of awesome! Season eight of the show is slated to premiere some time in late 2016.

4. Regular Show

Regular Show is like Trailer Park Boys meets animation with a little extra insanity. The duo of Mordecai the bluejay (J.G. Quintel) and Rigby the raccoon (William Salyers) are groundskeepers at the local park and they could not care less about their jobs. Along with a gang of unruly friends, the two manage to find mischief wherever they turn.

The humor of the show is rather racy but in a way that works. Each episode follows the formula of a sitcom but then is met with an unpredictable and crazy ending. The eighth and final season of Regular Show will premiere in September 2016.

5. Archer

Archer is not for the weak at heart. It is abrasive, mean, and brilliant. Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) is a self-centered master spy just trying to save the world from global espionage.

The show takes an awful human being as the protagonist and makes him hilarious. Who wouldn't want to watch? Archer season eight will premiere in 2017 and additionally was ordered by FX for seasons nine and ten.

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