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We’re a brave new content platform geared toward entertainment enthusiasts of the millennial variety – those who are into Internet culture, online shopping, gifs, memes and more. 80% of our readers are millennials. Our fans come to PMF for our hilarious galleries and stories. At PMF, both memes and data are king.

80% of our readers are millennials.
  • 80% millennials
  • +25M video views so far in 2017
  • 70% Male
  • 81% US, UK, CAN, AUS
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Influencer Community

Reach new and unique audiences through our thriving influencer community of +58 million followers. Align your brand with tailored content that’s targeted to the customers you want to reach. With the power of our influencer community and data analysis techniques we can maximise your brand's exposure to customers you want to reach or maybe never even knew existed.

+58 million followers
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Not all content is created equal. We create content for maximum reach and engagement. We’ll work with you to create, curate, and deliver content for the audience YOU want to reach and expose your brand to them.


Create ‘top-of-mind’ brand awareness by immersing your brand in our rich, interactive content. Does your target market love memes, gifs, lol, wtf and millennial internet culture? Banner and display ads on our website can help you reach your key consumer or client. With our influencer network and data tools we can also help you target new and unique audiences.


Video is one of the best ways to gain exposure on the internet. Showcase your brand to our eclectic and diverse audience. Whether it’s pre-roll video ahead of our content, or sponsored custom content we create with your brand, product or service – we’ve got you covered.

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